Why Is Email Marketing So Important for Mobile Advertisers?

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In the past few years, mobile advertisers like Jeff Kamikow have had many different successes in building stronger connections to customers and enabling them to learn more about various brands and services. There are many different forms of mobile advertising we are seeing these days. Brands can pay for video ads that are played before videos on apps and sites like YouTube and others. Social media ads can be utilized to bring in new followers and allow current followers to see new promotions and services. Advertisers can even use native ads to mirror a blog or media outlet’s tone and content to attract people to their targeted site.

However, one form of advertising that is still quite useful and provides brands with a strong ROI is email marketing. It’s simply a numbers game when you think about. 91% of consumers in the United States access their email every day. This is a far higher percentage than social media platforms and the most popular websites.

According to McKinsey Marketing and Sales, consumers are three times more likely to purchase an item or service through a marketing email versus a social media ad. And they spend as much as seventeen percent more on the order. As more people access their email through their mobile device than ever before, Jeff Kamikow and other mobile advertisers will look to email marketing to represent a major part of their branding efforts. They will do things like not only creating good content that encourages click-through but also making sure that those landing pages they reach are mobile-friendly. They will use customer data to

They will do things like not only creating good content that encourages click-through but also making sure that those landing pages they reach are mobile-friendly. They will use customer data and history to create more personalized emails that customers may actually want to read. Once the email goes to the trash bid unread, you can rest assured that many others from that brand are soon to follow, making mobile email marketing best practices a must for advertisers.

Four Major Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

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While many businesses have made social media marketing an integral part of their company’s digital marketing strategy, others aren’t sure what it can do for them.

Social media can be rather confusing if you don’t do it every day. Businesses also need to protect their resources and time. But the bottom line is that social media marketing is necessary for businesses to succeed in today’s market.
Seasoned digital advertising professional Jeffrey Kamikow provides four major reasons why your business needs social media marketing.

Increase brand awareness
Social media marketing is a great outlet to introduce and promote your brand to potential customers. Customers can learn about your business, your products, and your services through content, images, and videos. Product information on social sites can certainly impact shopping behavior. Also, social media marketing lets you instantly reach audiences on a local, national and international level.

Boost sales

Promoting your products or services on social sites encourages audiences to purchase them, which helps increase your sales. There are a few different ways to use social media to increase sales. Businesses can write posts that link to products, create social media advertisements to reach target audiences, or share coupon codes with a unique code for each social channel.

Connect with Customers

Another big benefit of social media is that it is easy to connect and engage with your customers. You can get to know them based on their posts and statuses, and see the posts they like to share and from what websites. You can also keep them in the loop with any major news announcements and product information. Also, many customers turn to social media to raise any concerns or issues they have, in which you can quickly and promptly address them.

Your Competition is Doing It

If your competitors get to your potential customers first, they’ll earn their loyalty. Find out what social sites your customers are on and make sure you’re on those sites as well. As Jeff Kamikow explains, by staying active and engaged on various networks, you can gain customers first and your competition will have to play catch up.

Will Jeff Kamikow and Other Advertisers Use Driverless Cars to Enhance Their Advertising?

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Could automobiles become the next source for ad revenue for businesses? We’ve already seen the mobile ad business boom in the last few years as mobile ad spending has soared past desktop ad spending in the past year. While businesses might have to worry about whether or not they should invest more in mobile web advertising or in-app advertising, the next generation of mobile advertisers, like Jeff Kamikow, may be going on the road.

There was a recent article in Ad Adage that discussed the role driver-less vehicles will have in the advertising world. Although drivers will still have control over a vehicle if they need to, they will have a lot of free time on their hands. When the average American adult can spend as much as an hour a day in a vehicle, that could potentially be a lot of advertising. Ad Adage makes it a point of saying that we can’t be too far away from Uber and Lyft starting to bring in advertisers to their drivers’ cars. Who knows what the future may hold?

From using beacons to target drivers when they’re in a specific destination to using augmented reality, which will be much safer if vehicles are driver-less, Jeff Kamikow and other mobile advertisers will have a lot of options in the very near future.

Coaching Tips from Jeff Kamikow

Media specialist Jeff Kamikow spends some of his free time coaching little league baseball with his father. He had the pleasure of coaching his team to a championship, so he knows what it takes to coach winning ball. Here are several tips if you decide that you want to coach your child on a winning team:

Know that Every League Is Different: When you’re getting started, you may not realize how different one league game could be from the next. Three outs, nine players on the field, four balls equals a walk…how different could it be? Each league will have different rules and regulations though, so you should get acquainted with those before you decide to coach your first game, so you and your team are prepared.

Coach Safety: Before hitting or playing good defense, the first thing you’ll want to do is teach your kids the importance of safety. Show them the proper way to slide, how to stand on the plate to protect against a wild pitch, and what gear is needed. You are responsible for them when they’re on the field, so be sure to show them how to play the game safely to protect against injury.

Be Confident In Yourself: Remember, these are just kids. They have the innate ability of being able to spot someone with fear a mile away. If they don’t respect you, they’ll never listen to you. Coach Jeff Kamikow was able to coach his team to victory because he was confident in himself and always spoke with authority to his team. Now it’s okay to be afraid starting out, but remember that you are the coach. You are the one who is responsible for teaching the kids what to do and what not to do. The only way to successfully do this is to believe in yourself first.

Good luck on the diamond! It is a great time and you’ll feel so rewarded the first time you get a W.