Will Jeff Kamikow and Other Advertisers Use Driverless Cars to Enhance Their Advertising?

concept of self-driving car


Could automobiles become the next source for ad revenue for businesses? We’ve already seen the mobile ad business boom in the last few years as mobile ad spending has soared past desktop ad spending in the past year. While businesses might have to worry about whether or not they should invest more in mobile web advertising or in-app advertising, the next generation of mobile advertisers, like Jeff Kamikow, may be going on the road.

There was a recent article in Ad Adage that discussed the role driver-less vehicles will have in the advertising world. Although drivers will still have control over a vehicle if they need to, they will have a lot of free┬átime on their hands. When the average American adult can spend as much as an hour a day in a vehicle, that could potentially be a lot of advertising. Ad Adage makes it a point of saying that we can’t be too far away from Uber and Lyft starting to bring in advertisers to their drivers’ cars. Who knows what the future may hold?

From using beacons┬áto target drivers when they’re in a specific destination to using augmented reality, which will be much safer if vehicles are driver-less, Jeff Kamikow and other mobile advertisers will have a lot of options in the very near future.

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