Coaching Tips from Jeff Kamikow

Media specialist Jeff Kamikow spends some of his free time coaching little league baseball with his father. He had the pleasure of coaching his team to a championship, so he knows what it takes to coach winning ball. Here are several tips if you decide that you want to coach your child on a winning team:

Know that Every League Is Different: When you’re getting started, you may not realize how different one league game could be from the next. Three outs, nine players on the field, four balls equals a walk…how different could it be? Each league will have different rules and regulations though, so you should get acquainted with those before you decide to coach your first game, so you and your team are prepared.

Coach Safety: Before hittingĀ or playing good defense, the first thing you’ll want to do is teach your kids the importance of safety. Show them the proper way to slide, how to stand on the plate to protect against a wild pitch, and what gear is needed. You are responsible for them when they’re on the field, so be sure to show them how to play the game safely to protect against injury.

Be Confident In Yourself: Remember, these are just kids. They have the innate ability of being able to spot someone with fear a mile away. If they don’t respect you, they’ll never listen to you. Coach Jeff Kamikow was able to coach his team to victory because he was confident in himself and always spoke with authority to his team. Now it’s okay to be afraid starting out, but remember that you are the coach. You are the one who is responsible for teaching the kids what to do and what not to do. The only way to successfully do this is to believe in yourself first.

Good luck on the diamond! It is a great time and you’ll feel so rewarded the first time you get a W.