Jeff Kamikow Blog

Welcome to Jeff Kamikow’s personal blog! You may be wondering who Jeff Kamikow is, so let’s go over his background briefly. For starters, Jeff Kamikow is a seasoned digital marketing and advertising expert with nearly 20 years of experience. He graduated from Southern Illinois University in 1993 and was propelled into a promising career in the print industry where he first got a job at PC World magazine. Following his time at PC World, Kamikow moved onto an opportunity with Ziff-Davis Media, which publishes PCMag – one of the top brands in the booming digital media industry.

While working at Ziff-Davis Media, Kamikow quickly climbed up the executive ladder and managed offices in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Kamikow shifted gears after his seven-year tenure and accepted a position as the National Advertising Director at Field & Stream and Outdoor Life brands, which were two properties of Time Inc. As he explored ways to set the groundwork for the properties’ long-term digital success, Kamikow built a digital revenue stream of $5 million within 18 months of starting his position.

As the fast-paced world of digital marketing and advertising continued to evolve, Kamikow expressed interest on the technical side of online marketing and moved on to Pulse 360 in 2006 as the vice president of sales. By 2011, Kamikow oversaw a revenue stream of nearly $55 million and worked with some of the largest publishers in the country. Once again, Kamikow wanted to explore new opportunities and took an executive position with Verve Mobile, which was one of the first companies to dive into the mobile advertising code. Continuing his career, Kamikow moved to Lyfe Mobile as the chief revenue officer and after Lyfe’s successful exit, he became the chief revenue officer at Go2mobi, a firm that delivers metrics-drive by mobile and digital advertising campaigns.

While his responsibilities at Go2mobi keep him quite busy, he began Kamikow Media Group (KGM) as a second passion project, which is a media consulting firm that serves as his creative outlet. When Kamikow isn’t working on digital marketing and advertising strategies, he can be found playing golf, baseball or tennis near his home in the New York City area. Be sure to follow this personal blog to find out what Jeff Kamikow is up to!